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We currently have 5 hosts that support Ruby on Rails in Canada in our database.

Ontario - M5J 2R8 - IPs owned by
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Montreal - H3B 4W8 - IPs owned by
VexxHost »

Vexxhost is your home for cheap, affordable web hosting. This company will be a great place for beginning Ruby on Rails developers. Vexxhost owns their own private datacenter in Montreal, Canada. With state-of-the-art technology, attention to detail, high-powered hardware and some serious security these servers will keep the data flowing to your users through your Ruby on Rails application. Their network is powered by Cisco and is one of the more well developed network infrastructures that is capable of handling those new to building websites to the most advanced and complicated Ruby on Rails application on the web. When it comes to being environmentally friendly Vexxhost has bragging rights as 95% of their power supply comes from hydroelectricity. While other companies merely buy carbon credits, Vexxhost actually receives their power from a renewable resource. Lastly, when your Ruby on Rails application gives you trouble Vexxhost has an all-star in house customer service team waiting to help you every step of the way. Vexxhost offers Ruby on Rails on their shared web hosting and semi-dedicated hosting plans exclusively. These plans start at as little as $3.99 per month. And, with Vexxhost’s cloud servers that are at the leading edge they will be able to grow from your beginning blog to your full-scale database fueled Ruby on Rails application.

NetFirms »

Founded in 1998 NetFirms provides web hosting solutions and technology to successful individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. NetFirms prides itself on listening to customers needs and a devotion to really understanding the technology that they offer. As such NetFirms sticks to the core value of helping you get your Rails applications online with the guidelines of doing more with less, delighting their customers, and pursuing growth and learning.

Ottawa - K1S 5L5 - IPs owned by
SpeedyRails »

Speedyrails is your home for Ruby on Rails hosting. While many other webservers merely offer the option for Ruby on Rails hosting, Speedyrails actually specializes and focuses on providing servers that will make your apps run as smooth as possible. They tote having high performance VPS Hosting powered by Dual Intel Gainestown processors and their servers are promised to outperform other leading VPS providers. If you're looking to launch a scalable Ruby on Rails application then look no further than Speedyrails managed Ruby on Rails Hosting service. Whether you're looking to get started in the world of Rails development or you're a senior Ruby on Rails guru you can rely on Speedyrails to meet all of your needs. Additionally, you can count on Speedyrails superior Content Distribution Network to deliver your digital media smoother than ever before and their DNS hosting platform to deliver superior response times. Probably the best part of hosting your Ruby on Rails hosting application is that you know exactly what you're getting for. Whether you're looking to have one instance of Mongrel or several, or you need 250GB worth of bandwidth a month Speedyrails has the hosting that will make your Ruby on Rails application run like a dream.

Montreal - K1R 5X1 - IPs owned by
RackandSwitch »

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