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We currently have 10 hosts that support Ruby on Rails in The United Kingdom in our database.

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FatCow »

FatCow was designed from the start to be a different alternative in Web hosting. Launched in 1998 Fatcow has grown as a company with one simple monacre old fashioned service and value still ring true. With the promise of no confusion or technobable Fatcows Ruby on Rails hosting plans are an easy way to steak (see what i did there) out your piece of the internet. And if you are just starting out there minimoo packages are perfect for you. Fatcow moocrew support is sure to keep your Rails application running smooth on there 100% windpowered servers.

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Heart Internet »

Since the launch of Heart Internet, the company has striven to do business with principals such as maintaining high quality employees, and offering powerful products to customers. Heart Internet's feature rich unlimited web hosting provides everything you need for hosting your Ruby on Rails app.

- - - - IPs owned by AKAMAI.COM
iPage »

iPage wants to make hosting your website and email as easy as possible. They want to see you succeed as a Ruby on Rails developer. How do they make it easy for you? Well, to start, every month they are adding to their software and hardware to eliminate as many pain points for their customers as possible. Second, they don't stop at web hosting. They have a myriad of other tools such as PC backup and malware scanning that will make your life as a Ruby on Rails developer as easy as possible. Third, has a huge team of employees running their servers and ready to help you as you deploy your Ruby on Rails website. They have over 800 employees in 6 locations world-wide locations. All that adds up to a great web hosting experience that is not only affordable but reliable.

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Brightbox »

Ruby on Rails? Brightbox has Ruby on Rails. Every dedicated server package or brightbox comes with there proven Ruby on Rails stack preinstalled. And with the ability to Scale upwards (e.g a bigger box with more RAM) or outwards (e.g. add more servers) without hurting your wallet, brightbox allowes you to start small and go big. With a team of experts in Ruby, Rails and Systems Administration availible 24/7 Brightbox is a go to company for dependable RoR hosting. Brightbox gives you full root access to your Brightbox server so you can install and tweak what you like. With plans starting at $65.52/month for 100GB of bandwidth and 10 GB storage on up to 1600 GB of bandwidth and 50 GB storage for $636.72/month Brightbox has a Dedicated server plan to suite your needs.

Douglas - IM1 4BP - IPs owned by BYTEMARK.CO.UK
Bytemark »

Bytemark was started in 2001 as a consulting firm based in York, UK by experienced software and network engineers Matthew Bloch and Peter Taphouse. As the UK’s 'nerd hosting outfit of choice' they seek to be your hosting outfit of choice for Ruby on Rails hosting. Bytemark offers Virtual and Dedicated servers with multiple plan choices for your hosting needs. Problems with your Bytemark server? not to worry, bytemark has multiple service team contact options and aims to get you up and running again inside of 30 minutes. with service like that there should be no reason why Bytemark isnt your host of choice for ruby on rails.

Derby - - - IPs owned by NODEFOUR.NET
1st Easy »

1st Easy was founded in 1999 and has become one of the UK's premier Rails hosts, and was one of the first UK webhosts to provide Rails support. As a company 1st Easy will provide your choice of Rails version and gems pre-installed, and award winning customer service.

Douglas - IM1 4BP - IPs owned by PRIMEHOSTING.CO.UK
PrimeHosting »

Prime Hosting is one of those web hosting companies that seemingly does everything. They offer Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated servers all with their expertise of being in the hosting business since 2001 and their unbeatable customer service. Additionally, The Prime Host offers a complete 30 day money back guarantee on all of their business and individual plans. Any Ruby on Rails developer will be able to find a plan that will fit both their budget and their technical needs. The Prime Host has some very reasonable plans in their portfolio. Web Hosting plans start at just $3.95, which are some of the cheapest paid plans on the web. Their Economy Reseller package starts at under $7 per month and again is one of the cheapest Reseller packages on the net. Most Ruby on Rails developers should take a look at their Unmetered VPS plans. All VPS plans come with unmetered bandwidth and 100 mbps connections giving your Ruby on Rails websites great ping time regardless of your users location.

London - - - IPs owned by COREIX.NET
media72 »

Media72 is a hosting company that was started out of a need for a good UK host. Prior to starting the business the designers and developers that make up Media72 found it very difficult to find a hosting solution that fit their needs. As such, the staff at Media72 set out and created a hosting company designed to fit the needs of other developers and designers. The Rails team at Media72 has designed a wide range of Rails specific packages from the ground up with Rails applications in mind.

London - - - IPs owned by XTRAORDINARY.NET.UK
Xtraordinary »

Xtraordinary Hosting competes in the market with their prompt efficient service, bright enthusiastic employees, rigorous evaluation of key suppliers, and more. Xtraordinary looks to deliver the technical service excellence that you need from your Rails host.

Derby - - IPs owned by HOSTVUE.COM
Daily Internet »

Daily Internet was born as a team that lives and breathes hosting. Pledging high quality products, reliability, value, and superior customer service, the people at Daily look forward to welcoming you and helping you realize success in your Rails hosting ventures. When it comes to Rails hosting at Daily Internet, you can expect an honest, no nonsense approach to customer service and support.

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