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We currently have 2 hosts that support Ruby on Rails near Hawaii in our database.

Gogrid »

In 2008 GoGrid introduced one of the worlds first cloud computing platforms. With a proven track record of inovation GoGrid seeks to be one of the highest performing platforms for your Rails application. GoGrid is 100% dedicated to leading the advancement of the infrastructure-as-a-service marketplace and is committed to customer satisfaction through the continued development of technology and solutions to benefit you.

Gold River - 95670 - IPs owned by
HelioHost »

HelioHost is one of the few free web hosts to offer the Ruby programming language, also offering Ruby on Rails framework.HelioHost allows every user to install their own Ruby Gems and also supports the use of mongrel, fastthead, rake, and ruby daemons along with a host of other ruby libraries. all for the low low price of free.

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