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We currently have 8 hosts that support Ruby on Rails near Idaho in our database.

Seattle - 98144 - IPs owned by
Heroku »

Heroku is a cloud aplication platform built specifically for Ruby. The Heroku service allows developers to spend 100% of their effort focusing on coding and not on server management and application deployment. Heroku is a multi-tenant platform and hosting environment. Heroku ensures that you have the latest in software and best practices running stable and being integrated smoothly. Offering both shared and dedicated hosting environments to suit your Ruby on Rails applicaiton needs Heroku aims for customer satisfaction.

OREM - 84057 - IPs owned by BLUEHOST.COM
BlueHost »

Friendly and patient support staff, a nationwide fiber network, special built servers, a custom developed linux kernel, UPS power, diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world, all of these are just a few of the goodies that BlueHost offers to its customers. So if you are in the market for a dependable Rails host, look no further. BlueHost offers UNLIMITED GB of Site Transfer, UNLIMITED Disk Storage, and full Ruby on Rails support with there webhosting package.

OREM - 84057 - IPs owned by BLUEHOST.COM
HostMonster »

Hostmonster has been in business since 1996. Offering the highest customer service, quality equipment, maximum garaunteed uptime, and secure backups are just a start to the hostmonster Ruby hosting experience. Hostmonster is Ruby on Rails compatible, meaning adding your own RoR application to your website is quick and easy to do. With features like SSH shell secure access and one of the best Ruby support staffs in the industry buying hosting from Hostmonster is an easy decision.

SEATTLE - 98168 - IPs owned by INTERNET.IZT.COOP
ThinkHost »

ThinkHost is so green that they are Beyond Green. They are one hundred percent powered by the wind and the sun. If you're looking for a home for your Ruby on Rails application that doesn't harm the environment, then rest assured, ThinkHost is the perfect home for your application. However, that's not all that ThinkHost has to offer for your Ruby on Rails website. As opposed to the usual 99% or 99.9% uptime ThinkHost boasts a reliability of 100% server uptime. Meaning, they are striving to be the most reliable Ruby on Rails host on the internet. Additionally, they offer a lot of perks to your hosting experience. Provided with every account are unlimited domains, unlimited databases and unlimited emails. That's a lot of unlimited for your whatever your plans are for your Ruby on Rails application. With all the unlimited benefits you can handle, completely green carbon neutral hosting, and all the customer support you will need, ThinkHost will be a good choice for anyone looking to have their Ruby on Rails website launched and sustained over the long haul. ThinkHost offers just one plan known as The Plan II. This plan is going to give you all the green hosting you can handle, a stable platform and the support you may, or may not, need to get your Ruby on Rails application hosted and running like a dream.

American Fork - 84003 - IPs owned by DIGITALSELECT.NET
SilverRack »

OREM - 84057 - IPs owned by BLUEHOST.COM
FastDomain »

Want a Ruby host you can depend on? FastDomain has you covered. started in 2005 FastDomain Ruby hosting packages help your business or personall applicaition with high powered service at low prices. Standing on the thought that reliability is key to succss on the internet, FastDomain provides a secure business environment. There freindly veteran hosting staff offers patient support when you need it most. FastDomain offers Ruby on Rails installed free with hosting packages so no need to pay to have it installed on your server. And with added features like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and a free domain for life they are working hard to make the customer happy.

Missoula - 59801 - IPs owned by TELAVANT.COM
Telavant »

Seattle - 98104 - IPs owned by BLUEBOXGRID.COM
BlueBox »

Looking for a rails hosting company that has experience with Rails developers? BlueBox has worked in the Rails community since 2006 amongst the most talented Ruby on Rails developers in the world. BlueBox experts provide top-tier operations expertise and configuration support during deploys, migrations, and maintenance so that you can focus on writing code instead of keeping your site up. BlueBox virtual and dedicated servers come pre-installed with the Blue Box Group Rails Stack including RVM for Ruby version management. BlueBox engineering team staff is availible to help you impliment your custom application stack, or you’re able to install and configure them should you choose.

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