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10 companies hiring Ruby on Rails ninjas, and why you want to work for them

Posted by Collin on 05/24/2011 in Rails Jobs.

Are you a couched Rails ninja? Does your current employer not appreciate your sweet ninja skills? If you’re on the market for a new job finding one can be tough. The economy is slow, less companies are hiring, and the companies that are hiring may not have what you are looking for. So I jumped into the fray to find what I think are 10 great companies to work for and listed them here(in no particular order), for your viewing enjoyment.

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Top 5 websites to find Ruby on Rails jobs

Posted by Jordan on 06/09/2011 in Rails Jobs.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Ruby on Rails job offers out there. Just do a quick search on google or a search onTwitter and you'll see what I mean. There are seemingly more jobs offered than Rails developers available to fill them. Wondering why so many jobs? I won't bore you with the details. If you're reading this chances are you already know why Ruby on Rails is popular and why so many websites are using it to create great web experiences. What I can tell you is a few statistics about what you should expect as a Rails developer. First, the nation-wide (United States, sorry friends from elsewhere) average salary for a Rails developer is $92,000 per year. That's roughly 25% higher than the average salary for all jobs nationwide. Additionally, here are the stats from major cities in the United States:

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Top Ruby on Rails jobs in June

Posted by Jordan on 06/11/2011 in Rails Jobs.

As we mentioned a few days ago there are a ton of jobs for Rails developers. And by a lot, I mean there are hundreds, if not thousands of new positions opening up all over the web and world. A lot of positions are for web developers in general, but they all have Rails as either a necessary skill or as "a plus" to your resume. So, whether you're looking for a Rails job specifically, or more of a web generalist/guru position there are plenty of spots out there for you. Most of the jobs listed below are in the United States. However, a quick search will return a lot of jobs located all over the world. From Australia, to China, to Germany and Spain, if you're a Rails developer there are jobs out there with your name on them. We've scoured the net to bring you some of the hottest jobs and the companies you will be working for, if you take them.

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