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Ruby on Rails Hosting Reviews

Posted 05/05/2011 in Reviews.

DreamHost Review

Review of and the company's ability to host and support Ruby on Rails applications

We'll start with DreamHost because they are probably one of the largest and cheapest hosts that do a good job serving Rails.

Tip: use their promo code 50OFFRAILS to get $50.00 USD off any of their plans at signup.

We've been hosting Rails applications with DreamHost for over two years now and would highly recommend them for low-budget, low-to-medium-traffic apps that need a huge amount of space and bandwidth to operate. They are also great for beginners who want to experiment.

The company itself is run out of a datacenter in California (which is located in the same building as the guys and the hosting company iPowerWeb). They've been in operation since 1996 and have stood the test of time for keeping servers up and running and customers happy.

When we first stumbled upon DreamHost we were blown away. A factor of 10 more disk space and bandwidth than the other hosts? 97-day full money-back guarantee? There must have been some catch? And yes there was (we found after hours of reading up on the host); Apparently DreamHost was once a dream of a host, but as a result they have expanded big time and are now facing the problem that all hosting companies face 5-10 years into their successful business plans - old equipment, overwhelming problems, and the question "is it really worth fixing it?"

We suspect that in 2005 DreamHost lost the fast-paced growth that they saw in previous years. However, they seemed to turn things around in 2006 with a ton of new equipment and, after surviving the crazy California power outages that left their building dead a couple of times in Summer 2006, they've learned their lesson. From all the notifications and newsletters we've read, they seem like guys who actually love what they do and professionals who can get the job done at the end of the day.

To make a long story short, we went with DreamHost and have been hosting an array of test sites and production sites with them and things are going well. They serve a good purpose.

And fear not about uptime, typing in 'uptime' right now (as of this writing on 2008-03-07) shows us:
10:28:11 up 27 days, 57 min,  3 users,  load average: 3.27, 4.64, 5.30
and we've seen greater than 99.9% uptime overall.

Thus, we highly recommend DreamHost and have even posted on this page a Rails QuickStart Guide for DreamHost customers to help developers get their Rails apps up and running with FastCGI in minutes. Personally, the deciding factors for us came down to a promo code (use 50OFFRAILS) and the 97-day guarantee, so the final cost was about $5 a month and if things got bad we could always bail and get our money back.

Site5 Review

Review of and the company's ability to host and support Ruby on Rails applications

Site5's datacenter is in New Jersey and they are operating almost 200 shared servers. They are probably one of the fastest growing companies on the Net, have a slick new website, and have hired a team of Rails engineers to build Rails apps behind the scenes for them and for their customers. (a good sign).

However, our personal experience with Site5 was horrible. Yes they answered support questions fast but they overstuffed our server (they actually admitted this to us) so we had daily downtime.


More info about coming Soon...

TextDrive Review

Review of and the company's ability to host and support Ruby on Rails applications

TextDrive is the self-proclaimed 'Official Rails Host' and are undoubtedly smart about what they're doing. Its difficult to say bad things about a company that gives so much of their time, energy, and money toward advancing the development of Rails - but to be honest for a shared environment you can get more hosting, better uptime, and faster support for at least half the price.

More info about coming Soon...

HostingRails Review

Review of and the company's ability to host and support Ruby on Rails applications

HostingRails is an excellent hosting company that focuses specifically on Rails - biggest bonus is that they sell dedicated memory and Mongrel hosting setups for less than $10 USD / mo. You can get your app speeding along there by ordering a Mongrel cluster proxyed behind Apache2 with mod_proxy_balancer, which is awesome because that's what the main Ruby on Rails website uses. Being as curious as we are we purchased a "Business plan" account for this site ( and things are running great - ten times faster than the FastCGI setup we had with our previous host.

They've been in operation since the beginning of 2006 and provide high-quality 24/7 support for Rails (i.e. they actually offer to deploy your Rails app for you) and the oppurtunity for mod_rails hosting coming soon. They have nice documentation for Rails apps - which was a huge perk for us. Their datacenter is in Dallas, Tx - and the company has excellent options for you to scale up, even to VPS and dedicated servers.

More info about coming Soon...

RailsPlaygroud Review

Review of and the company's ability to host and support Ruby on Rails applications

RailsPlaygound has been rockn' the Rails scene since 2005 and has a strong base of extremely happy clients. We're one of them. We've been hosting some of our larger projects on their dedicated servers and they have done an excellent job with support and network uptime. We know their other hosting is solid as well - you really can't go wrong with these guys.

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