Find Rails Hosting solutions by server location

Posted by Jordan on 06/06/2011 in Rails Hosting Information and Rails Host location.
Looking for a rails host that will give you a quick response? Need a server that is located close to you? Look no further. We've done the leg-work of finding where all the major hosting providers house their servers. Some may surprise you. Datacenter coordinates were determined by IP geo-location. is the only place to quickly and easily find a Rails Hosting provider by location. Locations are divided up by country and by states for hosts located in the United States. Our hope is to provide you with the information you need to choose the server that will work best for your app. Often hosts will provide information on where their offices are located, but not their servers. This can lead to low ping times and lag for users of your Rails app. Don't be fooled by 99% uptime reports. A hosting company may have great uptime, but do their servers respond in a timely manner?

As internet trend-setters such as Google and Bing, and now web cooperatives like, push for a faster web experience, users will want to wait less and less time for your app to load and respond. Hosting your Rails app in a place that will give your users good response time will be key. A user will quickly navigate away from your website if they do not receive the response time they are used to. For a database driven website this can often come from having poor response time from the server. Don't get stuck having your website hosted in Kazakhstan. Do your homework before you decide on a hosting provider.

Start by using the tool on our home page: It will allow you to zoom in on your current location. From there you will be able to peruse the hosts that are located in your region. Once you select a host you will be givein the option to "Learn More". This will take you to a page filled with the plans for that particular host. Choosing a host nearest you might not always be the best choice. So be sure to choose a host that will not only give you good response times, but also meets the needs of your application and budget. Additionally, use the links below to check your specific country. For users in the United States, we have included hosts that are in and around each state. All 50 are represented so be sure to choose your corresponding state.

We have Ruby on Rails hosts located in the following countries: