5 Rails hosts that have gone green

Do you have a deep care for our environment and the impact we have on it? Do you fall asleep at night dreaming about recycling and hybrid cars? Is your company one with more recycling bins than trash cans? If so, we found 5 hosts that you may want to check out. Whether it be through solar power or low energy usage technology, these 5 hosts are making efforts to keep environmental impact at a minimum.

Dreamhost: When Dreamhost realized that they were creating as much carbon dioxide as 543 average-sized homes they knew they had to do something about it. In addition to reducing the usage of resources and purchasing carbon credits, Dreamhost now uses power-efficient AMD processors. In addition, this rails hosting company purchases renewable energy credits, which represents 1,000 kWh of non-polluting energy.

ThinkHost: ThinkHost offers green web hosting powered by renewable wind and solar energy. ThinkHost was founded as a company to bring high quality hosting services powered by 100% renewable energy. ThinkHost expresses their commitment to a green future through company wide conservation tactics like, telecommuting to save fuel, low wattage lighting, and very little paper usage.

A2hosting: A2Hosting provides FutureServe green hosting. FutureServe is A2 Hosting's initiative to protect the environment for future generations. Through practices such as carbon offsets (through the support of support of Carbonfund.org), employee eco offsets (telecommuting, using reusable office supplies, and recycling old equipment), and hosting equipment energy reductions (low voltage Xeon processors, power efficient DDR2 memory, and power saving hard drives), A2 Hosting is making every effort available to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum.

Site5: Site5 is constantly working to reduce costs and environmental impact. They are doing this by leveraging new technologies to lower power consumption, using natural DC cooling technology and virtualization software to scale efficiently. Site5 is also a partner in the Billion Tree Planting Campaign, and has currently planted 3,228 trees to date.

GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks is self proclaimed 300% green. They boast 300% wind powered servers, carbon neutrality, and an energy efficient infrastructure achieved by reconfiguring servers to run cooler and thus use less power. GreenGeeks also employs tactics such as rigorous recycling, lunch and dinner at the office (to cut down on people driving to get food), and telecommuting to help reduce the carbon footprint of their offices.