5 top Rails hosts located in the UK

Posted by Collin on 06/07/2011 in Media27, 1st Easy, ByteMark, Brightbox, Primehosting, and Rails Hosting UK.

If you are a Ruby on Rails developer in the UK, you may have had some trouble finding a hosting company with servers actually located in the UK. In our continued efforts to keep you up to date with the best list of hosting solutions, we have searched for, and located, several hosts with servers located in the UK (and the list keeps growing). We have also taken the time to list out the 5 that we think are the best for local UK Rails hosting.

  • Brightbox: Every dedicated server package on Brightbox comes with their proven Ruby on Rails stack pre-installed. Their plans come with the ability to Scale upwards (e.g a bigger box with more RAM) or outwards (e.g. add more servers) without hurting your wallet, Brightbox allows you to start small and go big. With a team of experts in Ruby, Rails and Systems Administration available 24/7 Brightbox is a go to company for dependable Ruby on Rails hosting.

  • ByteMark: As the UK’s self-proclaimed "nerd hosting outfit of choice" ByteMark looks to be your hosting outfit of choice for Ruby on Rails hosting in the UK. ByteMark allows you to run Ruby on Rails on all of their plans with full support from their tech staff.

  • 1st Easy: 1st Easy was founded in 1999 and has become one of the UK's premier Rails hosts, and was one of the first UK webhosts to provide Rails support. 1st Easy will provide your Rails version of choice and pre-install gems for you. 1st Easy is one of the few UK Rails hosts to offer both dedicated and shared Rails hosting with Phusion Passenger.

  • PrimeHosting: Prime Hosting is one of those web hosting companies that seemingly does everything. They offer Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated servers all with expertise. Ruby on Rails developers should take a look at their Unmetered VPS plans. All VPS plans come with unmetered bandwidth and 100 mbps connections giving your Ruby on Rails websites great ping time regardless of your users location.

  • Media72: The Rails team at Media72 has designed a wide range of Rails specific packages from the ground up with Rails applications in mind. The company was started due to the founders need for a reliable web hosting solution in the UK. It is for that same reason that Media72 is committed to being your reliable hosting solution for Ruby on Rails in the UK.