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Posted by Jordan on 06/28/2011 in ipage.

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iPage has some of the absolutely cheapest hosting plans around. Their cheapest plan comes in at just $2.95 per month. It's like reverse highway robbery. This plan comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email. If that wasn't enough their plans also comes with a free domain, free security site, free site-building tools, free online store, free Yahoo! & Facebook credits and it's all powered with 100% wind energy. Oh, and they will get you up in running in just 10 minutes. Additionally, with each plan you get $75 worth of Google AdWords credit, $5 search credit for Yahoo! and Bing, $50 Facebook advertising credit, a free business listing with Yellow Pages, and SiteLock. But let's not take iPage's word for it. Let's see what the rest of the internet has to say about their services.

Site reviews

Our first review comes from Web hosting secret revealed where they conclude, "Well, I have to admit that I have really good feeling with what I’m seeing now. So far the site hosted at iPage is operating smoothly and I don’t see why you should go with other web hosts that provide the same thing with a higher price. Yes, they are relative new but hey – don’t forget that all iPage users are protected by the Anytime Money-Back Guarantee. So yes, I believe iPage hosting is a GO and it’s especially good for those who are looking for an affordable hosting service.".

Our second review comes from Web hosting deals where they conclude, "Absolutely. If you are looking to host either: your website, a business or leisure blog, a photo gallery, a private social site to connect with your friends, or all of them at once, iPage offers a total solution at very budget pricing. At $3.50/month, no other web host provider gives such comprehensive hosting plan. While price doesn’t mean quality, iPage has also proven themselves by having more than 1,000,000 domains in their servers!"

Our third review comes from Web Hosting Top where they list some of the pros of hosting with iPage, "iPage hosting package is powered by Linux and comes with unlimited space and bandwidths, allow their users to create as many emails and databases they want, everything at $3.50 per month (discounted price). If you don’t have a domain, with iPage you can get one for free as well you will receive $450 in free extras such as marketing credits, Yellowpages listing, Ratepoint newsletter manager, etc. For those who want to build a simple website but don’t have programming skills, iPage has a very simple to use Site Builder tool, which is available for free. This tool allows you to create web pages, contact forms, choose from thousand of web designs and publish it with pressing a button."

Comments about iPage

  • User Jess says, "I recently signed up with ipage because of the great offers. However, I did like all the extra charges on checkout. Once I accessed my control panel, I realized they provide you with the weebly drag and drop website builder that you can actually get for free at weebly.com. Plus, ipage charges and additional $13 a month for the premium weebly and weebly only charges $27 for 6 months. So I felt that I was being ripped off. So I decided to cancel my account on May 1st/ 2011, and requested a refund. Today is May 10/ 2011 and still no refund. They sent me alot of repeated emails. The first one stated the account was cancelled. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th stated the account would be cancelled, however I would get charged a cancellation fee. The 5th states my account is cancelled. I called today and waited 15 minutes on hold and finally got through to billing. The man stated my account was cancelled and a full refund was issued, however he refused to send me an email confirmation for my records as I will need this to file a claim through my bank to get my money. These guys are nothing but a headache, nickel and dime you and give you chest pain. Forget these guys. So far the best is host gator. Try host gator. Don’t try ipage unless you want to be sick and broke." at Web hosting reviewz.

  • User Anonymous says, "We've made a mistake for trusting i-Page to host our web site. Their servers are very unreliable. E-mail servers are also NOT dependable. If your business counts on reliable and competent service, go else where - any where that cares about its own reputation because i-page is not worthy our trust. The tech support at i-page tend to give you a run around without answer or address the issues brought to them. In other words, they are good at wasting your time and frustrating you as customers. Now, as to pricing, i-Page and its sister company fatcow.com have this price scheme that lures in customers with low price but jump more than 3 times the firs-year price when you're up for the renewal. When you give them your credit card, they would continue to charge it without your approval and it would take lots of pain to get them to straighten it out. The best thing is to not making the same mistake we've made in doing business with i-Page.com" at Web Hosting Geeks.

  • User Jules says, "I have signed up to ipage because of the good features and price. I'm using wordpress for my site, which does not load very fast with this hosting. I also have some simple HTML websites, which does not require database and it work very well. Maybe iPage is not the best choice for wordpress, but it has a valuable tech support and control panel. I recommend this host for those who are running small business websites, but are not using database. Good luck!" at Web hosting top.

Tweets about iPage

  • @JustinFWill says, "I would recommend iPage to any one who is looking for hosting their websites or transfer to the highest quality one.".

  • @weswatsonteam says, "Moving my webiste to #ipage from #godaddy. Sorry go daddy you are wayyyyy to slow. Service was great...".

  • @martynreding says, "After messing me about for an hour with no resolve, iPage has asked me to fill in a customer service survey. I won't be going lightly!".

  • @kshitijakumar says, "?My email is working now! @iPage, thanks for the support! :-)" .

  • @Maverick16R says, "I think it might be time to move from iPage to HostGator. I get server errors on my website more often than not.".

  • @geeksmakemehot says, "@ipage you have seriously caused me heartburn today. Things really don't have to be this difficult.".