Hosts with tutorials on deploying Rails apps

Posted by Jordan on 06/02/2011 in Rails Tutorials.

Below is our extensive list of hosts with tutorials on installing and/or deploying a Rails app on their servers. Many new Rails developers have problems deploying their app for the first time. Often times this is attributed to being new at the Rails framework. However, sometimes this is due to servers not having easy installation and deployment methods. So, instead of leaving you to hope the server you choose will be easy to install on, we saved you the hassle and found as many tutorials as we could. Below are all the Rails installation and deployment guides that are server specific we could find. We hope this will be a great resource for you as you choose a Rails hosting solution.

  • HostGator - has a great article that walks you through how to install a Rails environment from start to finish. The guide is complete with screenshots and very clear directions. You can find the guide here.

  • BlueHost - has an all text document that walks you through an installation of Ruby on Rails on their servers. This guide is intended to help you deploy an application easily. This guide gives examples of code and directions that should allow you to get started quickly. You'll find the guide here.

  • DreamHost - is very thorough, like the rest of their wiki. The guide covers getting started, Rails 3, working with older versions of Rails, transferring an existing app, and common problems people run into while trying to deploy their app. You find the DreamHost guide here.

  • HostMonster - has a very detailed guide. It walks you through each and every step that you will need to install and create your first Rails app on their servers. You can find the HostMonster guide here.

  • JaguarPC - has a guide made by their own Chief Technology Officer. It's located on their forum, but is very thorough and has a nice personal touch to it. The guide walks you through all you'll need to know to get started on JaguarPC servers. You can find their guide here.

  • Site5 - provides a guide that will walk you through all the steps needed to deploy Rails application on their servers. It is thorough but to the point. You will be deployed and running in no time. The article is titled: How to deploy a Rails 3.x application with Phusion Passenger

  • SolarVPS -provides a link to the article found on the CPanel website for deploying Ruby on Rails on their servers. While this guide does not come straight from them, it is what is used to get Rails apps up and running on their servers. Have a look at the CPanel walkthrough for more information.

  • Linode - has three different guides to help you get started with Ruby on Rails on their servers. You will find their guide aims to help you install Rails "in conjunction with the Apache HTTP Web Server, and the "mod_passenger" tool". Their guide can be found here.

  • SliceHost - provides a very clean and direct explanation to install Ruby, Ruby Gems and Ruby on Rails. You can find their guide here titled Cent OS - Ruby on Rails.

  • A Small Orange - provides a very simple and to the point explanation for installing Ruby on Rails on their servers. To start you will need to enable SSH on your account by submitting a support ticket. A Small Orange Ruby on Rails guide.

  • Heroku - Provides a reference for installing all versions of Rails from 2.0 to 3.0.x. You can find the article located here

  • Eapps - has a guide to help you deploy your Ruby on Rails app using Mongrel on their servers. It guides you through making your applications available with Apache, mod_proxy, booting your applications automatically, bringing high availability through mod_proxy_balancer, and ends with some good resources on other Rails information. You can find the Eapps guide here.

  • RimuHosting - offers up a guide to make sure that you have all the tools that you need to launch your Ruby on Rails app. The guide covers running Rails with Apache and mod_rails, using Apache as a front end to Mongrel or Lighttpd and much more. You can find their guide on their website here.

  • Glowhost - Provides a very short article on getting Ruby on Rails deployed using cPanel. You can find the guide here: Create a Ruby on Rails Application Using cPanel.

  • WebFaction - Provides a very thorough article on installing and deploying your Rails application on their servers. The article covers installing Rails, upgrading RubyGems, installing gems and deploying a Rails app, among many other topics. You can find the article here, titled simply Ruby on Rails

  • A2Hosting - Provides an article that gets you started with Rails on their servers. They show you how to create the rails application, create your database, and transfer your Rails app if needed. The article is titled: Configuring A2 to run your Ruby on Rails app and can be found on their wiki.

  • HostingRails - Provides a very to the point article for configuring your A2 account to run your Rails application. The article will walk you through creating your Rails app, creating your database, transferring your Rails app, preparing your environment, configuring shell, and starting mongrel among other topics. The article is titled Configuring A2 to run your Ruby on Rails Application.

  • OCS Solutions - Provides a very, very short description of getting Rails started on their servers. The article is titled:Creating a Ruby on Rails Instance

  • PacificHost - This host provides a nice, short article on installing Ruby on Rails to their servers. The article is titled:Ruby on Rails Installation

  • BrightBox - This article is geared specifically towards getting your Ruby on Rails App launched for the first time. Their article is titled:"HOWTO: Deploy your Rails App onto your Brightbox for the first time" and can be found on their wiki.

  • RailsPlayground - Offers a quick start to guide for Rails on their servers. This guide covers all you will need to get started. The guide is titled Quick Start Guide to Rails at RailsPlayground

  • SilverRack - Provides a guide that walks you through launching your Rails app with Apache/Mongrel cluster that will have you launching apps in no time. SilverRack Ruby on Rails guide.

  • Kattare - Offers a great guide that covers four questions: How do I setup my Ruby environment? How do I setup Ruby on Rails? (with FastCGI), What do I need to add to apache to get mod_ruby to work? (esp with Rails?) and Help! You upgraded Rails and my Rails 0.13.1 app is broken! You can find the article located on their knowledgeable: Kattare Knowledge Base FAQ

  • FastDomain - FastDomain has a great article for solutions to get you Rails app started. You can find their guide titled:Ruby on Rails Setup in their knowledgeable.

  • ApisNetworks - Offers an Installation Guide on their wiki. It's pretty informative with plenty of links to other information that you might need.

  • HelioHost - Provides their guide titled: Heliohost Ruby & Ruby on Rails guide . It covers using Rails and some FAQs.

  • AlwaysData - Has a very short article translated from french titled, "Deploy a Ruby on Rails". It's located on their wiki and covers launching a Rails app on their servers.

  • PrimeHosting - provides an article for those that have already built a Rails app on their local machine and are ready to have it deployed to a server. The article is titled: Getting started with Ruby on Rails

  • Hostit365 - Provides another guide from the cPanel website titled, "Deploying a Ruby on Rails Environment"

  • Bluebox - Provides a Rails guide that walks you through all of the steps needed to launch your app. It's avery thorough explanation. Find it here: How to Deploy Your Ruby On Rails Application To Blue Box Group