Platform as a service, why should you use it for Rails hosting?

Posted by Collin on 06/21/2011 in Rails Hosting Information, Heroku, Engine Yard, and PaaS.

With companies like Engine Yard and Heroku offering great cloud service for Ruby on Rails developers, its hard, if not impossible to peer into the world of Rails hosting without hearing something about a company that provides cloud PaaS hosting, and the surrounding benefits. In case you haven't however, in an effort to be your go to source for all things Rails hosting related, we are going to take a look at the benefits of hosting with a company that provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud services.

Hosting in a PaaS environment has many advantages. Namely, the ability to execute multiple facets of the application development process (i.e. testing and deployment) in an integrated environment. Hosting in PaaS model you will gain the benefit of an eventual reduction of overall operational expenses and time spent, as you will not have to worry about buying and upgrading hardware or software. With PaaS packages the software that you would normally need on your computer is accessed over the web through your browser. PaaS offers an improved user experience by incorporating channels for real people feedback throughout creation, design, development, testing, roll-out, and even production of your application.

Another benefit of using a PaaS provider is that your developers will be able to access projects from wherever they are located. Cutting the need for collaborative office space, as employees do not have to be seated at your office when they want to work. Allowing you to also hire talent from different geographic locations without added pains. In short PaaS cloud services allow you to work without having to worry about failing hardware, network issues, scaling, etc.

Heroku and Engine Yard are two of the key players in the PaaS market. Offering a service that is specific to Ruby on Rails developers and catering to your needs. Both companies top the charts for service and progressive technology.

Heroku is a Ruby based PaaS provider. They offer a service where developers can write code and push it into the Heroku platform, and just watch their app scale based on user response.The Heroku platform is multi-tenant platform offering high performance and scalability. You can start the Heroku service with a free trial plan that offers a single dino and 100MB of disk space with the option to scale upwards (for money of course)

Engine Yard will handle systems management and optimization of your Rails environment, and they provide in-depth software support and service for all types of Rails applications. You can leverage the Amazon EC2 public cloud , or you can run your application on the Engine Yard Private Cloud platform. Engine Yards focus is on helping your company develop applications and strategies that will grow and impact your company in a positive way, all while managing your infrastructure and running your application. Engine Yard offers a high quality team of experts in the Ruby on Rails field at a great value price.