10 companies hiring Ruby on Rails ninjas, and why you want to work for them

Posted by Collin on 05/24/2011 in Rails Jobs.

Are you a couched Rails ninja? Does your current employer not appreciate your sweet ninja skills? If you’re on the market for a new job finding one can be tough. The economy is slow, less companies are hiring, and the companies that are hiring may not have what you are looking for. So I jumped into the fray to find what I think are 10 great companies to work for and listed them here(in no particular order), for your viewing enjoyment.

SideReel: As a 3 year old online T.V. company based out of San Francisco, SideReel has millions of users. And now they are re-writing there apps in Rails. sound crazy? possibly, but if you like a challenge then this may the company you are looking for. Being a company that is trying to lead the internet T.V. pack, SideReel looks at a challenge that others say is to hard and says "you guys are just lazy". SideReel offers there employees money, plenty of vacation time to spend that money, a piece of the company (equity), and full-paid benefits. sounds like a sweet ride to me.

Verticalresponse: If you are obsessed with Rails and specialize in high-traffic, SaaS companies then Verticalresponse is looking to bring you onto the team. VerticalResponse comes bearing all the latest and greatest Ruby on Rails toys in an effort to actively keep company technologies up to date with the competitive advantage. VerticalResponse is dedicated to helping small businesses and non-profit companies grow with easy to use and affordable online marketing tools. So if you are looking to be on a dedicated team of people helping the little guy take a look at the VR job postings. They are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer like you.

Trion Worlds: If you want to be a Ruby developer involved in the gaming industry, and you want to work for a large company that has had its hands in a ton of huge projects then Trion Worlds is your spot. Trion is made up of an ambitious crew of top level creative talent. They are looking for Ruby on Rails developers to build applications for account management, customer service and community elements.

Wowzers: Want to be involved in building a creative education application? Wowzers is a company that creates online core curriculum with a creative learning twist. They are currently hiring Ruby on Rails developers to build out their existing infrastructure and create new functionalities related to student data, using Ruby. Wowzers offers a competitive salary ($50-75K/year), and full benefits including insurance and retirement.

LifeKraze: LifeKraze is a company made of superhero’s (by their own account),building a social networking platform. Ping-pong playing superheroes. LifeKraze promotes and “active” work environment, constantly adding new things to keep employees entertained and engaged. Things like Ping-pong, Basketball, darts, and a coffee machine to feed the tweaker in you. Boasting a large open office space with big windows, and a micro-brewery across the street for company meetings LifeKraze keeps its employees in mind when it comes to work environment. If you are looking for a challenging yet up beat and fast paced work environment with the promise of brewskies, dart boards, and a competitive salary to accompany your hard work then LifeKrazy has your seat waiting.

LexisNexis: Want to work while Cranking tunes and Eating Junk Food shoulder to shoulder with Graphic artists and business professionals? Does recoding a 2million visiter per month website from Asp.net to Ruby on Rails 3 sound like a good time to you? Good because LexisNexis (Lawyers.com) needs Ruby developers who can code in an intense environment for long periods of time and are interested in getting paid well to do so ($65-85hr).

Project Evolution: Project Evolution is a design-driven web development firm with a mission to solve the communication problems common in large organizations through the use of open source application development and the planning of complex interfaces. If you have a thick skin, a love for development, and the ability to take complex problems and fix them with simplicity then PE is looking to hire you. PE is a company that doesn’t expect you to come to work in a suit and tie. And a relaxed yet challenging and fast paced environment with competitive pay is what you can expect when coming to work on their Ruby development team.

Everyday Hero: Have you ever wanted to develop Ruby applications that help people? Everyday Hero is a company that makes giving to charity easier, empowering consumers to fundraise for the causes they are passionate about. The company is currently seeking Ruby developers to be actively involved in developing projects in line with the “strategic development plan”. Everyday Hero provides a fun work culture and a heavy focus on a supportive team environment. Offering competitive pay and benefits coupled with the ability to develop applications that assist in furthering charity are a few good reasons to look into this company.

King of the Web: King of the Web is a Seattle based company that is passionate about gaming and social media. They offer a fun work environment full of trash talking and wacky events. If you want to work in a creative environment where you can doodle, brainstorm, make fun of each other, and code ruby then stop off at King of the Web and submit your application. They offer competitive FTE salaries with early stage equity and full benefits.