Top 12 contributors to Ruby on Rails since 2004

Posted by Jordan on 05/26/2011 in Rails History and Rails Community.

We are Ruby on Rails enthusiasts. So we want to offer some love to the Ruby on Rails community, and give credit where credit is due. To the hard working folks who have brought this amazing programming framework to life, we salute you. We’re going to take a look at the top Ruby on Rails contributors since 1994. The list is sorted by the amount of commits they have contributed, not how well known they are. Without further adiu, here's our list:

  1. Jeremy Kemper (@bitsweat) - Though not the creator of Ruby on Rails, he has probably implemented more changes than anyone else. Coming in at number one on our list with 2436 commits is Jeremy Kemper. He has two passions that are obvious from his personal website Rails, and Apps. When he is working on Apps, you will find him working alongside the other folks at 37Signals.
  2. David Heinemeir Hansson (@dhh) - Creator of Ruby on Rails, partner at 37Signals, and most recently a New York Times best selling author for his new book REWORK, David Heinemeir Hansson comes in second with 2123 commits As the creator of Ruby on Rails there isn’t much to be said besides, he’s just the man. You can find much more information about him at his personal website: Loud Thinking
  3. Jose Valim (@josevalim) - Jose started working with Rails in late 2006 and became an active contributor in 2009. He has nearly 1500 commits credited to his name. He is the lead-developer and co-founder of Plataforma Tec and is the mastermind of many open-source projects of all kinds. To find out what he’s up to, make sure to check out Platforma Tec’s blog.
  4. Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) - Is a Seattleite who teaches courses at the University of Washington, and has been contributing to Ruby on Rails and Ruby for several years. With 1168 commits Aaron Patterson comes in at number four on our list. He’s a self described “mild mannered Ruby programmer by day, and a Michael Mcdonald impersonator by night.” It won’t take long for you to see that Aaron has a sense of humor even when writing about programming at his website
  5. Josh Peek (@joshp) - Josh is an employee of 37Signals and has worked on nearly all parts of Ruby on Rails. He has been a core team member since 2008 when he brought thread safety and integrated Rack to the project. He then went on to create ActiveModel, ActionDispatch and the Rails 3 router. Coming in just behind Aaron Patterson with 1122 commits Josh Peek takes the number 5 spot on the list. Check him out at his personal website
  6. Xavier Noria (@fxn) - Is first and foremost a father to a wonderful little girl. Xavier has been working with Ruby on Rails since 2005 as an independent contractor from his home in Barcelona. Xavier shows up on our list at number 6 with 1048 commits. He is currently the president of Spanish Ruby Users Group wich aims to promote the Ruby Programming language in Spain.
  7. Yehuda Katz (@wycats) - Is the Chief Technologist at Strobe on top of being a member of the Ruby on Rails Core team. He comes in at number 7 with 765 commits. He has written a best-selling book and will soon be releasing his own Ruby on Rails book called Rails 3 in Action. You can find him blogging at on his personal site.
  8. Patrik Naik (@lifo) - Is a resident of Cambridge, UK and has been working as a senior Ruby on Rails programmer for a number of years. He is currently an employee of 37Signals. He is also a member of the Ruby on Rails core team. He is edged out of the 7 spot by Yehuda Katz and comes in at number 8 with 759 commits.
  9. Santiago Pastorino (@spastorino) - Also, a Rails core team member, he is devoted to open source development and is one of the co-founders of Wyeworks. Santiago is found in the number 9 spot with 641 commits. On top of being a software engineer, he is a self described perfectionist who loves to create high quality products. Apparently, he also loves Coca-Cola and chocolate.
  10. Carl Lerche (@carllerche) - Not much can be said about Carl Lerche. The website carrying his namesake only contains a picture of a woman racing a car and a lion as her side-kick. He has contributed 494 commits to the Ruby on Rails programming framework. He is found in the number 10 spot with 494 commits.
  11. Emilio Tagua (@miloops) - A native Argentinian, entrepreneur, open source enthusiast and Ruby developer, Emilio Tagua fills the number 11 spot on our list. He has contributed 424 commits to the project. You can find him blogging on his personal website
  12. Ryan Bigg (@ryanbigg) - With just under 370 commits to the project Ryan Bigg rounds out the number twelve spot in our list. Ryan can often be found going by his alias “Radar” and is a technical writer for Ruby on Rails based in Australia. He is currently writing Rails 3 in Action with his partner Yehuda Katz. You can find him blogging on his personal site