Top Ruby on Rails jobs in June

Posted by Jordan on 06/11/2011 in Rails Jobs.

As we mentioned a few days ago there are a ton of jobs for Rails developers. And by a lot, I mean there are hundreds, if not thousands of new positions opening up all over the web and world. A lot of positions are for web developers in general, but they all have Rails as either a necessary skill or as "a plus" to your resume. So, whether you're looking for a Rails job specifically, or more of a web generalist/guru position there are plenty of spots out there for you. Most of the jobs listed below are in the United States. However, a quick search will return a lot of jobs located all over the world. From Australia, to China, to Germany and Spain, if you're a Rails developer there are jobs out there with your name on them. We've scoured the net to bring you some of the hottest jobs and the companies you will be working for, if you take them.

  • Twitter - If you didn't already know, Twitter is one of the fastest growing companies that have their website built with Rails. As just one example of the many Ruby on Rails jobs they are hiring for, is the Software Engineer - Mobile, Web position. This particular position is pretty incredible. You will actually be working on the team that will change the direction of how people use Twitter and other social media on a mobile device. And if Twitter's recent purchase is any indication of what you will be working on, this position will be a great experience.

  • Amazon - As one of the biggest online companies Amazon is a perfect place to get a job and develop your career. And they are hiring people like crazy. These are just two of the many, many positions that are available to someone with Rails skills. They are looking for the best of the best though. So don't apply if you're the faint of heart. Check out this Amazon Rails job on

  • Living Social - If you haven't heard of Living Social yet you must either live in under a rock or hate really good deals. They are looking for a world-class Senior Software Engineer to add to their already talented team of developers.

  • Groupon - Groupon has made tons of waves lately as they announced their plans to go public. They are currently looking for a web developer in Chicago, IL. The position isn't a Rails specific job, as knowledge in Rails is only "a plus" in this case. However, if you meet the other qualifications and live near Chicago this would be a great time to get your foot in the door.

  • ITT Defense and information solutions - This is a top tier US aerospace systems and service provider. Their goal is to "do the essential things in extraordinary ways". They are looking for "an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to join a small team and take charge of a critical web application." This is the perfect environment for someone looking to move into a new field and work on some exciting stuff. Find the ITT job here.

  • 3scale - This company's mission is to "provide a flexible secure and scalable infrastructure as a service for your API or Web service to control, manage and monetize the distribution of your data, content or services to multiple devices or mobile/web applications." They are looking for looking for engaged, motivated and challenge-driven engineers. The position is located at their Barcelona, Spain offices. The job listing can be found over on the 3scale website.

  • VMWare - This company is looking for a Ruby on Rails Advocate. You will be working for the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, that delivers customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. They are seeking a "a motivated, experienced Software Evangelist with deep knowledge of Ruby on Rails technologies and cloud deployment environments to work with the VMware, SpringSource and Cloud Foundry marketing and engineering teams." the position is located in Palo Alto, CA and can be found over on RailsLodge.

  • SapnaSolutions - Is an Indo-European development company building awesome Web, Social & Mobile apps. They are looking for a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer as well as a Senior Ruby on Rails developer. Both of these are great positions within the company. For the junior position they "looking for someone who wants to hone their Rails skills on challenging projects while learning from web development experts." The senior position can be summed up as building and launching awesome web applications, in a fun and challenging environment. Both positions can be found on the Sapna Solutions jobs website.