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Posted by Jordan on 06/16/2011 in DreamHost and Rails Hosting Reviews.

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Dreamhost is a leader in inexpensive, shared hosting plans that work great for smaller Ruby on Rails applications. However, they have the ability to meet your needs whatever they may be. They have great plans that start at a low price and stay that way. We have compiled a list of reviews from around the web concerning Dreamhosts services.

Dreamhost overall hosting reviews


    Over on you can find "The Naked Truth!" about Dreamhost with their review. Here's a small snippet:

    For my needs out the door it was only costing me $11 per month. If you are a regular person with html websites then you can get everything you need for only $5.95 per month. Let me just tell you that when I had a dedicated server I was paying over $50 per month and that was a screaming deal. Most people didn't believe me when I told them what I was paying."

  2. Next up we've got a review from The article is fairly in depth. They give a summary of Dreamhost history, features, pricing, control panel review, scripting support among other details.

    "To DreamHost's credit, when there are problems, the company shows an almost total transparency, explaining exactly what went wrong and why, even if the explanation casts their own staff in a bad light. This honestly is a refreshing change for a web hosting company and we firmly believe many other companies could learn a thing or two from DreamHost in this respect."

  3. has a great hosting review for Dreamhost. Here's a brief snippet:

    DreamHost's hosting plans are also rich in special features such as enhanced web security, one-click software installers, real-time audio and video streaming, etc. What makes their service truly stand out in the crowd of web hosting providers are the unique account upgrades that clients can purchase. For example, you can buy an extra domain registration for about ten dollars a year, while a unique IP address costs $3.95 per month. The premium support service, including three call-backs per month plus unlimited live chat, can be purchased for just $9.95 per month. Last but not least, DreamHost's standard customer care service is also quite good.

Hosting review comments about Dreamhost

  1. Sam on says, "I can honestly say that dreamhost has lived up to what is advertised. First off, no hosting company can give you a 100% uptime. I have been with dreamhost for over 8 years now. I refer my clients ( I am a developer ) to dreamhost always.

    In the 8 years my site has been up, it was down a handful of times due to routine maintainence and some glitches. My site is rather large..and I have on average 5000 unique hits perday. Every client I refer to them never me or to them.

    Nothing is perfect. These guys do anything to keep the sites up.Their support is outstanding when you compare them to all the other major hosting companies. This review is based from a web developers point of view and a customers point of view.

    Like I said, I have been with them for 8 years...and I plan on staying with them another 80. Plus I will continue to refer all my clients to them. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER ALTERNATIVE SHARED HOSTING SERVICE PROVIDER THAN DREAMHOST. Not even godaddy can compete."

  2. Daniel Werl, who hosts, has this to share about Dreamhost on, "DreamHost is a great host for any number of things. They offer a lot of leeway to their shared hosting customers, allowing (even if not supporting) things such as custom PHP builds and advanced tricks that other hosts might block.

    They include pretty much unlimited everything on their hosting plan, from MySQL databases to disk usage to bandwidth. It's great not having to worry about paying extra for unexpected resource usage.

    However, there are some caveats. WordPress is included in the One-Click Install system (a great way to install popular packages like WP, MediaWiki, trac, etc.) but your mileage will definitely vary. My WordPress site is constantly having issues on both the front- and back-end sides, mostly related to DreamHost's annoying process-killing bot.Yes, that's right. DreamHost servers run a daemon that watches every account for processes that exceed some unspecified memory usage limit and unceremoniously kills processes that violate the limits.

    I have asked DreamHost support a few times about related issues, and they told me to reduce my memory usage. Without a target, of course, I could spend the next five years tweaking and tweaking away with no results. (Am I allowed 30MB per process? 50MB? 100? They won't say.) As long as you don't run afoul of that memory daemon, though, DreamHost is pretty great. The server almost never goes down (I'd estimate 98% server uptime, at least) and it'll do nearly anything you might throw at it (if it doesn't involve heavy processing).

    DreamHost is a good home for static sites, to be sure, and dynamic sites that have little need for extensive processing. Running a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla! should go fine, if you don't install several dozen plugins. Give them a try. They do have a two-week (used to be 30-day, IIRC...) free trial program, after all, and it can't hurt to test out their system to see if it works for you."

Hosting review comments from Twitter

  1. @tmorizot says, "I added an IPv6 address to all my @DreamHost hosted domains. Nice to have a hosting company that's on the ball."
  2. @havingthehaving says to, "@sixcupsofcoffee Five minutes with Dreamhost and life is worth living again. Oh, and Wordpress is installed and working. :) Thanks for that."
  3. @schmuckbait says, "i love that @DreamHost will do an entire backup of your account for no extra charge. it's in the details, y'know? #webhosting"
  4. @qma3xsays, "Crisis over, domains moved. IMAP uber alles. Went with, local host, GoogleApps, easy migration. So far, so good..."
  5. @sleepymeuk says, "Not sure if I always had unlimited disk usage and bandwidth on Dreamhost, but I'm pretty pleased about it now :)"
  6. @jonassink says, "My site is down. :( But I'm not gonna complain because this is only the 2nd time in 2+ years w/ @dreamhost. Keep up the good work guys!"