Hosting Review: Engine Yard

Posted by Jordan on 06/18/2011 in Engine Yard and Rails Hosting Reviews.

Here at our goal is to bring you the most up to date information in the world of Rails hosting. Whether that's uncovering news stories, bringing you great lists of tutorials, top hosts, or giving you the information you need to make the best choice possible to host your app. In an effort to bring you the most up to date information we've decided to crowd-source some of our information and bring you hosting reviews of some of our top hosts. These posts give you pros and cons to weigh your decision against. As is expected the reviews contained in these articles are not the opinions of Instead it's the voice of the internet, those that have gone before you that will give you their opinions. We hope that their experiences, whether for good or ill, will aid you in your journey to build and deploy the application of your dreams.

Engine Yard is the leading provider of Ruby on Rails in the cloud. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, they specialize in development and deployment of cloud solutions. Their expertise is in Rails, operations automation, open source development, and world-class service. Their goal is to empower businesses to build and run cloud-based applications easily and cost-effectively. Their customer base runs the gambit of websites. From small startups, to large corporations, to Fortune 500 enterprises. They boast in their ability to deploy, rapidly scale, and keep your Rails apps running 24x7.

We've scoured the internet to bring you the most up to date reviews, comments and tweets about Engine Yard. We hope these hosting reviews will be helpful to you as you make your decision to host your Rails website with Engine Yard or take your business elsewhere.

Overall hosting reviews

  1. Siliconchisel has a review of Engine Yard written up based upon their experience moving to and hosting with them. It's a fair review that shows the ups and downs of being with a host that doesn't quite fit the service bill they were looking for and how Engine Yard has faired after moving there. Here's a small snippet from the article:

    "So we just recently moved the whole deal over to Engine Yard. In a word, I was astounded by the reception we received. For starters, their slice hosting comes with free accounts on GitHub (Git hosting),Beanstalk (SVN hosting), Lighthouse (ticket/project-management system), and New Relic (application analytics). So basically all the services we needed, or were paying for elsewhere, were now included in our basic hosting fees. Email is hosted on MailTrust – which works pretty well, even though it’s based on a Microsoft platform. But using MailTrust we can suddenly send email to people on AOL, so that’s a good thing."

  2. Next up we've got a review from They have this to say about Engine Yard, "For those of you needing the limo of Rails hosting, EngineYardwould be your excellent choice. If you think their slice-based packages seem expensive, think again."

  3. Adam Birmister writes up a quick review on Engine Yard where he mentions their service and says, "EngineYard, it has to be said, are a lot more expensive, but for the money you’re effectively gaining a full time IT team to fully manage your servers for you. And being full-time Ruby and Rails guys means you can sleep well at night knowing they’re doing it well."

Hosting review comments

  1. Try as we might, we can find no comments on Engine Yard.

Hosting review tweets

  1. @rafek gives his praise, "I'm impressed - @engineyard has done a damn good job with #railsinstaller …Kudos!"
  2. @zistle has these kind words, "hey @engineyard! Thanks for being awesome. We have had nothing but goodness since switching back to you after @heroku."
  3. @gduplessy loves Engine Yard, "playing around with @engineyard #AppCloud and I'm loving it!"

Hosting review conclusion

Overall, people are impressed with the service they receive from Engine Yard. It's really hard to find anything negative about these guys. However, the one pain point that people constantly have is their price. Unless you have a money-making venture most people will steer clear of Engine Yard. However, if you're looking for the best service out there for your apps, Engine Yard is nearly impossible to be beat.