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Posted by Collin on 06/16/2011 in LiquidWeb and Rails Hosting Reviews.

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In this article we are going to give you a look at some LiquidWeb reviews. To start we are going to look at a couple of overall reviews from some trusted review sources. Followed by a look at a few customer reviews and twitter posts.


  1. This first one is a review from (link to main article)

    "Founded in August 1997, LiquidWeb hosts more than fifteen thousand clients in more than eighty countries. LiquidWeb owns its own datacenter in Lansing, Michigan. They provide VPS, Dedicated, Eterprise, E-Commerce, and UNIX hosting solutions. This review covers LiquidWeb's VPS hosting plans.VPS plans give plenty of Web space and Monthly Data Transfer. Also the two VPS plans give a lot of guaranteed system resources and root server access.

    Along with their impressive amount of basic features, LiquidWeb also offers Fantastico and AutoInstaller, both addons to the CPanel control panel. At the time of this review, Fantastico adds 48 features including dotProject, PHPList, MasterFlex, PHPauction, Nucleus, Coppermine Photo Gallery, and osTicket. This coupled with AutoInstaller gives you more than 110 free scripts, all of which can be turned on using the CPanel interface.

    LiquidWeb uses solid hardware for their servers and their network. As stated earlier, LiquidWeb owns their own datacenter therefore all technicians who work with your server are LiquidWeb techs.Support for VPS solutions is a lot like fully managed support. OS reinstalls are free and updates are run as soon as new builds come out. Bad hardware is replaced in less than 2 hours as well. The support team runs security audits and nightly off-server backups for added security. Customers can reach customer support through email and phone and both are available 24/7. Response times are quick and courteous.

    Our Independent Review Panel thought the prices were expensive in comparison to like plans found with other Hosts. However the old adage remains, you get what you paid for.VPS solutions are UNIX based and their are only two choices. With how good their VPS plans are, our Independent Review Panel wishes there was more to choose from. Keeping it UNIX based allows the support to remain focused, but with how well LiquidWeb runs their VPS plans our Independent Review Panel would like to see more.


    LiquidWeb offers high quality VPS solutions. They come with a lot of features, excellent hardware, strong and speedy support, and much more. If you are willing to pay a little extra, then checkout LiquidWeb.

    • Lots of Web Space
    • Lots of Data Transfer
    • Lots of System Resources
    • Full Root Server Access
    • Solid Hardware
    • Managed Support
    • Fast Support

    • Expensive
    • Limited Choices"

  2. This is a review from "WHP" at (main article)

    "I’ve been with for about 5 months and untill now i have 3 servers with them.


    or the very first day their sales support team was excellent and answered extremely fast all of my pre-sales questions. They are a bit strict in customizing dedicated servers but i do not consider this thing a problem. Every server was seted up correctly and without any kind of issues in about 24-34 hours.

    Pre-sales support rate: 9/10 !

    Technical support:

    I consider myself a “bad customer” , i’m asking too much and want extremely fast responses for my tickets. Liquidweb (at the beggining – first 3 months) has managed to answer all my tickets in a very short period (about 15-20 minutes) and solved all of my issues. The last 2 months i observ that their response time has been a bit slow (about 35-50 minutes). I am sure that they have a lot of success out there and earned a large amount of customers in the last 3-5 months and i believe that this is the reasont for the delay on answering some tickets. Allthough, if there is any kind of serious issue with the servers i can call them at any time and resolve my issue within minutes ! Also, i believe that they do not offer any kind of pro-active support, but this is not a serious problem if you are able to monitor your servers ! If they could work more with their tickets software and the assignments they do for every ticket i believe that will manage to keep the lead in their field (managed dedicated servers).

    Tech support rate: 7/10

    Uptime and speed:

    The uptime that i have with liquidweb in these 5 months is almost 100% ! Only a downtime in their network for about 25-30 minutes. Also, the speed is fine for my needs.

    Rate: 8/10


    If you need a fully managed server and you don’t have the budget to buy one from Rackspace or Datapipe, then is the place to find what you need !

Customer Reviews:

  • Shi ( says: "Although they're a bit more pricey than other hosts, LiquidWeb more than makes up for this with their high-quality web services and excellent customer support. My site has been with them for more than a year now. I've never experienced errors, downtime or any issues whatsoever. Server speed is always fast. All my queries through their ticketing system and live chat have always been answered quickly and accurately. In fact, I'm planning on buying either a VPS or a dedicated server from them should budget permit. Cheers!"

  • Rob ( says: "No one in this hosting space comes near liquid web they own this spehere. I have had so many requests and liquid web has met or excceeded my expectations. They rock, I love them and been with them for a year. They are also honest I wanted to buy up on server space and they told me to rethink my strategy as it was not cost effective. I can comment first hand that liquid web rules."

  • Vincent ( says: "I used them for about 2 months. Their technical support is terrible. They take their own sweet time to reply to your queries and sometimes I had to go to the their live support chat to tell them I have an unanswered support ticket. The thing that pissed off the most was when a technical support staff edited my cPanel account name and MySQL database name without asking me. My web site went down for about 2 days because the PHP script's database parameters were messed up. They were only willing to compensate me $5 off my $60 hosting fees for this."

  • Daniel ( says: "We paid for our website and domain registration through LiquidWeb, but it was about 5 months before we actually had it ready to go online. When we uploaded our files, we found out that our domain registration had not been registered to us. On the same day we registered it with LiquidWeb, someone (suspeciously) registered the same name with GoDaddy, but had never developed a site. LiquidWeb never notified us that the name was not registered to us, and after we spend a small fortune on printing that included the new website, we find out we didn't have it. LiquidWeb refused to take responsibility for not registering or not notifying us of this, and would do nothing to compensate for not having the name registered by extending our service or anything. They were very uncooperative. After one year, the other person did not renew the name, so we were able to register it ourself, but we dropped LiquidWeb! I would be very careful of a company that takes no responsibility when they drop the ball. "

Twitter comments:

  • @notagrouch "the @LiquidWeb guys are awesome! for me only one other host has provided as good as support as they do. AWESOME."

  • @KarthikDot "@LiquidWeb Support has been exceptionally awesome. Had couple of sites going down because of high load, and I had people helping 24x7!"

  • @Dingman "I've worked with DOZENS of web hosting companies over the past 15 years. Bar none, @LiquidWeb has *THE* best tech support on the planet."

  • @djmeph "Once again, @LiquidWeb heroic support saves the day!"

To finish up, it seems alot of people have alot of good stuff to say about liquid web. They do have a few shortcomings however, as can be expected from any hosting company. LiquidWeb offers fully managed Ruby on Rails support for Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting environments.