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Posted by Collin on 06/20/2011 in A2Hosting and Rails Hosting Reviews.

We here at Rails Hosting are bringing you yet another review compilation. "Why?" you may ask. At Rails Hosting we feel it is our duty to keep you as informed as we can manage when it comes to Rails hosting and the companies that provide it. We wouldn't want you to get suckered into hosting with some company that has no clue what they are doing. Nor do we want you paying for something hoping that it works out, when in fact hundreds of people have posted warnings all over the web trying to give you the information you need. Alternately we also want to make sure you are clued into the best of the best. So, in an effort to pack your brain with more information than is medically safe, we are bringing you reviews, reviews, and more reviews. We hope this information helps you in your quest to find your perfect Rails host.

A2 Hosting prides itself on social responsibility and environmental awareness. Practically putting this drive to work as a Rails host, A2Hosting offers a list of plans supporting Ruby on Rails. With reliable perks such as Guru crew care, and 24/7 server monitoring, A2Hosing seeks to be a leading provider of Rails hosting packages.

Lets take a look at some Reviews and customer feedback for A2Hosting. We hope that these reviews will give you more of the information you need to make a quality choice when it comes to Rails hosting.

Site Review

This review comes from the editor at WebHostingReportcards.com (link to full review) the reviewer has alot of good things to say about A2 Hosting, here is a snippet:

"Web developers love the service that they receive from A2 Hosting because they support the latest and best versions of open-source software. Web developers feel like kids in a candy store as they inspect A2 Hosting's list of popular developer friendly features. Their affordable prices and easy to use service also make us very accessible for those who are less technically inclined or are purchasing web hosting on a budget."

Customer Reviews

  • Murray (WebHostingStuff.com) says: " A2hosting has consistently been the best hosting solution provider I've used. After trying several other provders (dreamhost, cyberpixels, etc) I've been a customer with A2 for more than 3 years. I've never experienced noticeable downtime, and their support has worked with me many times to solve all sort of issues (PEBKAC and otherwise). "

  • Sandeep (WebHostingStuff.com) says: " I have been a2hosting customer for years.. They are the worst company I have ever hosted with.. My sites were down for more than 48 hours yet no response to the support ticket.. Nobody pics up the call even after waiting online for hours.. Live chat is always offline due to a high volume of sales and support requests.. They remove my comments asking for support from thier facebook fan page ! This shows how much they value their customers.. My 100% No to A2hosting.. "

  • Tanya (WebHostingStuff.com) says: " I recently moved our site to A2 Hosting, after not being satisfied with our old host. A2 Hosting has proved to be a way better place! Not only was the transfer simple and easy, A2 makes every aspect of maintaining my site simple. "

  • Margie (WebHostingStuff.com) says: " I was a GoDaddy customer for years and just thought slow downloads and other issues were normal. My developer encouraged me to shift to A2 Hosting and I sure am glad she did! All my problems went away and I can now concentrate on my business rather than my website issues. Thanks A2 Hosting!! "

  • Simon (WebHostingStuff.com) says: " A2hosting service is reliable and problem resolution is fast. They are honest to say the real problem and escalate the issue to higher advanced level if necessary. "

Twitter quotes

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Overall, customers seem to have good things to say about A2 Hosting.