Rails Hosting review: Bluehost

Posted by Jordan on 06/27/2011 in Rails Hosting Reviews.

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Blue host is the home of everything unlimited when it comes to Rails Hosting. Each account comes complete with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited gigabytes of hosting space, unlimited gigabyte of file transfers, unlimited email accounts and a free domain. There are also a ton of other features that Bluehost boasts about their service. These include: free site builder with templates, secure shell access, SSL, FTP, stats, CGI, Ruby on Rails (of course, Perl, PHP, MySQL, $75 free google credit and all backed by a 99.9%Network uptime guarantee. With all these goodies, and starting at just $5.95 per month how could you not love Bluehost? Well, let's find out what the rest of the internet has to say about their offering.

Site reviews

Our first review comes from Web Hosting Masters where they report, "We’ve been hearing that Bluehost has definitely cleaned up their act as far as their support and bandwidth.  Here’s the real insider scoop on bandwidth — every hosting company claims unlimited bandwidth for a song, well, in reality that’s just not possible.  The larger your site is and the more power you need, well, the more you’re going to pay in hosting fees eventually.  Don’t let anyone tell you different — they are lying.". For more follow the link above.

Our second review comes from Web Hosting Secrets Revealed where they report, "BlueHost started implement CPU throttling policy about 15 months ago – when your website on a shared server is pulling “too much” CPU resources at one time, the CPU will freeze (or slash down) your account CPU usage. Such policy is a double-edge sword to the hosting users; on one end this means your website hosted on BlueHost will have a much safer environment as BlueHost is monitoring its server usage clsoely; on the other end, such policy can be conveniently used by the hosting provider to slash down your CPU usage and request for extra money.". For the rest of the article follow the link.

Our third review comes from Web Host Analysis where they conclude their review concerning their own experience with Bluehost, "Overall, our experience with Bluehost was pleasant and uneventful. Their network proved to be solid and reliable (except for one small incident) and Bluehost technical support was first-rate. The plan we reviewed supplies 1500GB of space and 15000GB of data transfer at a very affordable price. If you are in the market for a new web host, in our opinion Bluehost warrants your serious consideration. In-fact, we were so impressed by the overall service provided by Bluehost that we recently moved this site to our Bluehost account." Check out the rest of their review at the above link.

Comments about Bluehost

  • User Laura says, "BlueHost is a hosting company that I have used for the past few months, I have switched because of the BlueHost review which say that it is a reliable company at good prices. Well the prices are ok, but the reliability is more of a problem for me. My site seems to be going down on an almost daily basis now and this lasts for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Of course, their tech support is quite good as said in many BlueHost review and they asnwer quickly. But the important thing is for my site to be live and available at all times, that way I wouldn’t need to call their support that often. While I think they are really trying to give good service to the webmasters the reliability is something that they must improve." at Web Hosting Masters.

  • User A Bluehost/Fastdomain client says, "The company (which is the same as Fastdomain, same live chat, same data centers, panel, etc... Same society but 2 names...) is ok for very small site and very low trafic. I have an account there since 2008/08 and it was not so bad at the beginning. But as the trafic grew, service became worse and availability very bad. They deactivate your account for anything, saying that you violate the terms and conditions. Examples: - Unlimited space : If you use a few Gb to backup your mysql databases they deactivate your account. -> Saying SQL files is not web files !!! - Unlimited trafic : If You have more than 100 visitors at the same time they deactivate your account -> Too much CPU... - Unlimited Mysql Database : If you have big tables they deactivate your account. -> Too much SQL queries - Too much visitors on a given page they deactivate your account. -> Saying that the script is causing CPU problems. etc...etc... FASTDOMAIN = BLUEHOST = CHEAP SERVICE ! Better choose another hosting company" at Web Hosting Geeks.

  • User Anonymous says, "First, I have to say that I chose BlueHost because I found their technical support to very good on the phone. At least, this is the case with their senior people. Their email support is at the other end of the bell curve, but that's not the issue. The issue is capacity planning and service level agreements. Paragraphs 01 and 02 of the terms of agreement in section 7. "UNLIMITED" USAGE POLICES AND DEFINITIONS" serve conflicting purposes. However, neither one establishes a level of service. So, since the new data center went up, throttling has been more than noticible, being measured at 100% (3600 seconds per hour) at times, even with no visitors and no personal activity. This could be expected if there is more demand on the system than the system has capacity to provide and everyone is throttled. Alternatively, there is a configuration issue. In any case, I think it's a good company to get your feet wet with WordPress. Once you do, get a hosting provider that has capacity. " at 10-cheapwebhosting.com.

Tweets about Bluehost

  • @evilprguy says, "So far, I've been really impressed with how great and painless BlueHost is. Very fair prices to boot."

  • @riggimedia says, "Webhosting should not cost you a fortune. This is why I recommend checking out BLUEHOST. Try it, you'll like it"

  • @andyhutchins says, "I can't stress this enough: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever useBluehost." You'll have to ask him why.

  • @brianstoolkit says, "If you're hunting for an awesome Web host - I recommend Bluehost".

  • @mrfrugalfind says, "They were incredibly fast with responses, and also very competent support. I had 1&1 before, BlueHost way better #SavvyBlogging"

  • @annemccoll says, "I had the same excellent service with @bluehost too. I talked to a real live person on the phone. Very happy with them."