Rails hosting review: IXWebhosting

Posted by Collin on 06/23/2011 in IXWebHosting and Rails Hosting Reviews.

Here at Railshosting.org our goal is to bring you the most up to date information in the world of Rails hosting. Whether that's uncovering news stories, bringing you great lists of tutorials, top hosts, or giving you the information you need to make the best choice possible to host your app. In an effort to bring you the most up to date information we've decided to crowd-source some of our information and bring you hosting reviews of some of our top hosts. These posts give you pros and cons to weigh your decision against. As is expected the reviews contained in these articles are not the opinions of Railshosting.org. Instead it's the voice of the internet, those that have gone before you that speaks on these posts. We hope that their experiences, whether for good or ill, will aid you in your journey to build and deploy the application of your dreams.

In this article we are going to give you a look at some IXWebhosting reviews. To start we are going to look at a couple of overall reviews from some trusted review sources.

Site Reviews:

  1. The first review our search returned comes from whreviews.com (article link), this review gives a quick look at some of the basics of IXWebhosting. Here is a quick glimpse of the review:

    "Very few companies in the business have the storied history of IX Web Hosting. The firm has been around the block and knows what it takes to be successful in the highly competitive hosting sector. Boasting a low price, a wealth of features, and enhanced support, it is safe to say that IX Web Hosting makes an excellent choice for a web host."

  2. This next review is from the folks over at Clickfire.com (link to main review). The reviewer seems to have some good things to say. Here is a peak:

    "Doing this review convinced me that IX Web Hosting is overall a very good host leveraging many years of experience and responsive support. If for any reason a customer is unsatisfied they are able to cancel at anytime without any sort of termination fee. This conveys a commitment to good service and a solid hosting solution."

Comments/Informal Reviews:

  • Steve @ webhostingstuff.com says: "I had Ix for many years but gave up about 4 years ago. I still hear the same complaints that I voiced myself. I lost thousands and thousands of dollars because of Ix. If you website isnt selling merchandise then you will be okay. But if you depend on your websites for cash, run like Hell."

  • James @ webhostingstuff.com says: " horrible company, their servers got hacked a while ago and they lost all of my data. most recent they deleted my account without notification. They had all my contact info to reach out if something was wrong with the automated billing but they didn't. they said they sent an email out but the account was suspended so i didn't receive it. stay away from Ixwebhosting you will be saving yourself a world of trouble. "

  • Colin @ webhostingstuff.com says: " I Signed up with the most expensive option "Unlimited Pro" Account on the Promise that my account would be Unlimited. 2 Months in i am coming up against limit after limit. IXWebhosting has nothing that is unlimited and are Deceiving customers. They try to explain that it is in the Tos. Surely Unlimited means Without Limits. I am sure they are breaking trading standards with this deception. Furthermore they are always suggesting that i upgrade to Vps. Why on earth would i trust them with that when they have been lying in the first place. Speed is very slow almost all the time and many outages. Limited to 300000 files when i delete 100000 out of 301000 i find 4 days later it is back to just over 300000. They wont give detailed file count and constantly blame the problem on me. My Site is static at the moment with no traffic yet somehow generate 100000 out of the blue. Support is poor with foreign people that don't understand English properly and don't seam to read or take in more than one liners at a time. Pushing option buttons and constantly putting you on hold for no reason. IXWebhosting is the Worst Hosting Company i have ever been with. They don't have a clue about service, business or there customers. My Rating goes beyond Poor on all counts. "

  • user007 @ Vistainter.com says: "hey guys. i think ixwebhosting is great. not sure why others are having so many problems. im on the windows hosting. the moment i have a problem i just go to the live chat n tech support deals with the issue there and then.. very knowledgeable people who know what they are doing. at first i was a bit annoyed that they keep vital files such a webalizer on the main directory as trying to start fresh and deleting things could stop the site from working altogether.. but now that im used to it im very glad i made the switch.. email seems to be working whenever i log in. though i dont use it too much.. "

Twitter comments:

    Unfortunately we were unable to find tweets that reflected peoples opinions of IXWebhosting.

    Overall the site reviews point to some good things about IXWebhosting, but customer reviews seem to reflect the bad more often than not. We hope this information has been helpful in your search for Rails hosting.