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Posted by Collin on 06/29/2011 in Rackspace and Rails Hosting Reviews.

We here at Rails Hosting are bringing you yet another review compilation. "Why?" you may ask. At Rails Hosting we feel it is our duty to keep you as informed as we can manage when it comes to Rails hosting and the companies that provide it. We wouldn't want you to get suckered into hosting with some company that has no clue what they are doing. Nor do we want you paying for something hoping that it works out, when in fact hundreds of people have posted warnings all over the web trying to give you the information you need. Alternately we also want to make sure you are clued into the best of the best. So, in an effort to pack your brain with more information than is medically safe, we are bringing you reviews, reviews, and more reviews. We hope this information helps you in your quest to find your perfect Rails host.

Lets take a look at some Reviews and customer feedback for Rackspace hosting. We hope that these reviews will give you more of the information you need to make a quality choice when it comes to Rails hosting.

From Rackspace's own site:

"Fanatical Support® has made Rackspace the world's leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry. We deliver enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. We got started in 1998 and since have grown to serve more than 130,000 customers, including over 110,000 cloud computing customers. Rackspace integrates the industry's best technologies for each customer's specific need and delivers it as a service via the company's commitment to Fanatical Support. Our core products include Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Email & Apps. There are currently over 3,200 Rackers around the world serving our customers."

Site Review

  1. This first review is from zedorzee at Epinions.com. He has some good things to say, here is a snippet from the full review:

    "My server is the lowest server they offer -- the high end is pretty much limited to your imagination. I know they host several high bandwidth, high availability sites with exotic hardware and private subnets, so I have the strong suspicion they can accommodate nearly anyone's needs. They have hosting facilities in Texas and England, and their network is fed by multiple pipes from QWest, UUNet, SBS, and AT&T. Their server deployment is extremely fast. They have several "1 hour server" configurations that can be online within an hour of a deployment request, and I've heard that most configurations (even complex ones) are put online within a day. Mine was up and running six hours after my confirmation phone call. Their end-user configuration and services web site is pretty nifty. It has easy access to support request forms, real-time server monitoring, interactive forums, a searchable support database, and some neat tools like a DNS wizard that makes managing domains incredibly easy (and DNS hosting on their servers is free, although they don't do registrations). All things considered, I'd recommend RackSpace to anyone with administration experience who wants a great place to co-locate a server. My experience with them has been nothing but good, and I definitely think I'm getting my money's worth. "

  2. Next up is a review from Doug Reid at SmallCloudBuilder.com. Its a lengthy review that breaks down the Rackspace hosting modle and gives opinions on the various aspects of each, with pictures. Here is a piece of the full review:

    "Overall, I had a good experience using Rackspace and its web site has useful guides and instructions. For sever setup and access, I found a Rackspace cloud server much easier than Amazon's AWS. If you're looking to get started with cloud computing, I recommend Rackspace. Heck, how can you go wrong at only 1.5c per hour?!"

Customer Reviews

  • Servando Lopez @ HostJury.com says: "I'm new to rackspace and yet within my first week I've been unable to replicate my server from images as their app will not let me and have had no answer yet, except for their online support that told me "we've had some issues about server images not showing up in the server front. Wait for a few hours and if it still does not show raise a ticket". Wait for a few hours = fanatial support? I don't think so."

  • Brennon Loveless @ HostJury.com says: "I've used rackspace for a while now. I've never had any issues and love the ability to up all the server stats on the fly during our busy seasons."
  • Simone Parrish @ HostJury.com says: "I'm here on HostJury because I'm looking at switching from Rackspace to another provider. As someone else mentioned, Rackspace's pricing seems like a relic of earlier times. I have been on Rackspace since 2005, and their uptime and service have both been spectacular. I don't know much about the features--I have support people to help me with that. It's really just the pricing that has me looking elsewhere."

  • greyuk @ reviewcenter.com says: "I work for a relatively small company and use RackSpace for all our hosting requirements and have nothing but high praise for them. As a result we have been working with them for the past 5 years. You'll be assigned with a full-time Business Account Manager who will assist with all aspects of your hosted environment, if he/she is unable to answer your particular question they will involve the relevant resource to assist ASAP. The support response is fantastic - 24hr support 7 days a week. If you require phone support you simply dial the specific number, give your account details and the receptionist will put you through to the relevant support engineer. The engineers that I've spoken with have been very knowledgeable and more than willing to assist with issues that are probably outside of their remit. The use of their ticketing system also allows you to track, raise and respond to all issues through the online portal. If asked I would recommend Rackspace to anyone looking for a hosted solution!! "

Twitter quotes

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Overall I would say that most of the larger reviews i have seen of Rackspace tend to give it some great marks. Customer reviews seem primarily to be focused on the negative with a few positive reviews intermingled. Hopefully these reviews give you the information you need relevant to Rackspace and hosting with them.