Rails hosting review: Site5

Posted by Collin on 06/20/2011 in Site5 and Rails Hosting Reviews.

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Site5: If you have ever had your website or Ruby on Rails application go down unexpectedly you know the pain and frustration this can cause to you or your developers. Imagine having your application go down right when you need it the most. What if your web host has it's support outsourced. What if they constantly have downtime that costs you money and reputation? If avoiding downtime and frustrating customer support is one of your highest concerns then you should consider hosting your Ruby on Rails application with Site5. They pride themselves on having servers with little to no downtime. Site5 achieves this by having high quality machines, and a low number of clients per server. Additionally, if you ever run into a problem you can be sure that you will be dealing with a technician that can not only understand your problem, but has the ability to do something about it.

In this article we are going to give you a look at some Site5 reviews. To start we are going to look at a couple of overall reviews from some trusted review sources.

Site Reviews:

  1. Here is a review from webhostinghandbook.com, where they've taken the time to break down each individual piece of Site5 and give feedback. here is a snippet of the final evaluation from that review:

    "We've basically come to the conclusion that Site5 is a work in progress. In the past three months we've seen more homepage revisions, control panel redesigns, Flashback rebuilds and server reboots than we have fingers to count. Of course it's all in the name of innovation and engineering, which should be a good thing - but in Site5's case it isn't. Don't get us wrong … we really wanted to like Site5 … but from a customer standpoint it seems like they are spending more time talking about innovation and engineering than actually doing it. Of course it's easier said than done."

  2. Unfortunately we couldn't find anymore site based reviews that weren't of the "Were selling Site5 hosting, so were only going to say good things about them, and then ask you to buy through us" nature.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sathish (RatePoint.com) says: "I have been using site5 for more than 2 years now... They had been great in every support question or issue I throw at them... I'm into Ruby on Rails recently, and was worried if they have enough support on that regard, but they were amazing enough to support latest version of Rails... I just love site5"

  • Andrea C (RatePoint.com) says: "I just wanted to take a moment to say how very impressed I am and how very happy I am to be with Site5. The support team is the best - knowledge, PATIENT. Fast servers. I have used other services - godaddy, westhost, and the local yocal reseller - WebCentrex. No one compares."

  • Paul (Webhostingjury.com) says: "I have been with Site5 for a little over 4 months. In that time, their server that I'm hosted on has been down no less than 5 times for a total downtime equaling 20 or more hours of down time. I will be transferring to a more reliable hosting company"

  • Mary (Webhostingjury.com) says: "I've been with Site5 for just about ever, and it's been just ok. I originally signed up with them for the RoR support (when I joined, they were one of the only hosts who offered this), but the Rails setup they offer is basically useless, so I just use this account for hosting my personal website and a few friends'. I've never been impressed by the service, but in the past it's been fine enough. The reason I am leaving Site5 now is because when one of my accounts was hacked and started sending spam messages, Site5 contacted me about an "emergency" and expected me to drop everything and diagnose and correct the problem on the spot. Since I was actually dealing with my own, legitimate emergency at the time, I flagged the email to address later and continued on with my day. Site5 began to spam and harass me so badly that even when I explained that I had no bandwidth to devote to this problem at that time (so you know, do what you need to do...), they continued to email me several times a day to threaten suspension of my account. UM -- they already suspended the offending sub-account, so I really don't see why this sort of bullying is justified. Do yourself a favor, and go elsewhere."

Twitter comments:

  • @_mattbailey "So far I'm really impressed with @site5 - the support is great, the control panel lovely and the server speed much better than my old host!"

  • @JadedBarbie "I've been using Site5 for quite some time and they're pretty good."

  • @dbwilldo "@site5 is pretty great. Been there for years. Always fast, always great support and very reliable."

Essentially most people have good things to say about Site5, minus a few hangups they seem to have a great package going. So if you are looking for a good Rails hosting company you may want to give them a try.