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If you are looking for a host that supports Ruby on Rails and is also environmentaly consceious then look no further than Bounceweb. Through the use of wind energy and hardware modifications to drop energy usage to 43% less than average. Bounceweb hosting is a company trying to keep the world beautiful. Highly trained and knowledgeable technicians are on staff more »

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Bounceweb Hosting Plans that Support Ruby on Rails

Unlimited Shared cPanel Web Hosting (Shared) Hosting

Bounceweb is a linux shared web hosting provider providing unlimited shared web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, for real unmetered web hosting. We offer budget web hosting, being one of the cheapest cpanel hosting providers on the internet. Check out our shared hosting plans and host your site on a Green Web Hosting provider!

  • Unlimited GB Disk
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • Passenger Hosting
  • Mongrel Hosting

Bronze Plan (Reseller) Hosting

BounceWeb provides the best packages for web hosting reselling and reseller hosting alike. We provide 99.9% uptime and a full featured billing and automation suite. Our servers are based on Linux and our cheap reseller web hosting packages start at a great price to get your web hosting business off the ground with everything you need, allowing us to offer you the best reseller hosting!

  • 25 GB Disk
  • 250 GB Bandwidth
  • Passenger Hosting
  • Mongrel Hosting

Silver Plan (Reseller) Hosting

  • 50 GB Disk
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Passenger Hosting
  • Mongrel Hosting

GOld Plan (Reseller) Hosting

  • 75 GB Disk
  • 750 GB Bandwidth
  • Passenger Hosting
  • Mongrel Hosting

Bounceweb Reviews

From Bounceweb's own site: "Bounceweb Web Hosting was formed in May of 1999 when the Internet was still small and relatively new. We wanted to offer people web hosting without hassle. Bounceweb was first established in 1999 as a free web hosting provider. The drawback with free hosting is the many limitations, including a lack of features. After careful research and planning, we launched a full-fledged web hosting service at amazingly low prices that everyone can afford and benefit from. With a balance of high performance, great service, and low prices, choosing a web hosting provider has never been easier!"

Positive Review
By: madison ruppert at

"At first I was skeptical but I quickly realized that bounceweb has the best features built in for a shared host, by far. They have ffmpeg and encoders and everything! The upload speeds are incredible through their file manager and they have tons of software in fantastico deluxe that you can install with just one click. Aside from all of that I have to say bounceweb's support is simply ridiculous! I've sent support tickets at 4:00 am and gotten a response in around 30 minutes. During normal hours they respond in less than 30 minutes usually. James is a really nice guy and has helped me through a lot of problems with scripts that I've tried to load and such. All in all, I'd recommend these guys to anyone looking for a solid hosting solution."

Positive Review
By: Dean Royal at

"Bounceweb is an awesome web host. Helpful, great plans, great services, great price. I have had no issues with my storage or bandwidth. It says unlimited on the front page, and they start you out with 10gigs of space, and 250gigs of bandwidth. Now, I say "start" you with, because if it is needed, it is increased when you need it to be, and ask it to be. Reading the other reviews, I have not had the same experience when it comes to cpu usage and so forth and what not. I have recently had a lot of head ache in attempting to get a website up and running and the service support guy. J.W. (Giving props) has been overly helpful in helping me get done what I need to get done. I will say I have had to buy more than I originally thought getting into the website I have been trying to build, but in the long run, having the excellent quality service and support, I don't mind the little extra that I am spending ($10 / month more... it's not a huge increase and for the support received, well worth the few extra bucks). Service tickests (even of the simplest nature) are answered in 10 - 20 mins (They say 30 min guaranteed response but mine have always been a bit faster) and the guys who I have dealt with have been knowledgeable, informative and helpful in any questions I have posed. Not once have I had someone be completely rude and ignorant of any of my questions. My websites are up and running any time I'm online and checking them, possibly no downtime or none that I have seen. Technical support Rocks!!! Customer service Rocks!!! The plans they offer are great. Doubt I'll ever be searching for a new web host. A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+"

Positive Review
By: Nathaniel Davidson at

"a great service for a great price, support tickets are answered within 10-30 minutes and the responses are knowledgeable and informative, you can tell they know what they are talking about. I have tried other hosts and this one is by far the best for the price."

Negative Review
By: Andy Sun at

"I had a reseller account with bounceweb for about 6 months. In first 4-5 months I only had small websites hosted on them, but still got a lot of problems with uptime and mail server. After that, I moved to them a new website that consumed about 100GB of traffic. I guess that was not to their liking as they invented a Spamming story and the suspeded all of my websites. The really bad thing was they do not allow users to backup their files through cpanel. (the backups function is disabled) They only provide backups on request. So, I tried to talk with them to solve that spamming issue. Bu no success. After a month of talking with them, they ask me 100 Usd to provide me my backups. I did't pay them so the terminate all of accounts. My oppinion is that they are a scam company. they allow you to host multiple websites and then invent a violaton of tos to force you pay them more to recive backups. "

Negative Review
By: Louis Hester at

"These people have turned off the feature where you can back up your site files or restore your site backups. I don't know where the stats come from, but the up time for my sites has been close to approximately 55 percent in the last week. Open a ticket, you may get an initial (ridiculous) response. Then when you respond to that, you may wait 17 hours or more and nothing be resolved. And when you try to leave, they block every effort you make to move your site except ftp from your desk top. And, unlimited is not unlimited, no where near it. Don't do business with these people."

Negative Review
By: Unhappy Customer at

"Bounceweb takes your money, and may not give it back! I signed up for service, only to find out the server we have been given was Blacklisted and all of our emails Bounced Back as Spam - which was aporblem, since we were hosting an Online Store! when told about this, nobody every tried to solve the issue. When a refund was request, per terms of their 30-day money back guarantee, they trotted out a set of exclusions that would nulllify the guarantee, and claimed we were excluded by one of them - problem is, none of the applied! Basically, this company looks like it is run by one guy "James Willit", who puts All of the hosted domains on One server (guaranteeing crappy service) and then tried to keep you on the financial hook for as long as he can. If you pay for a year, forget about Ever getting it back! Avoid This Company Like The Plague TheY Are!"