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HelioHost is one of the few free web hosts to offer the Ruby programming language, also offering Ruby on Rails framework.HelioHost allows every user to install their own Ruby Gems and also supports the use of mongrel, fastthead, rake, and ruby daemons along with a host of other ruby libraries. all for the low low price of free.

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HelioHost Hosting Plans that Support Ruby on Rails

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  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • Passenger Hosting
  • Mongrel Hosting

HelioHost Reviews

From HelioHost's own site: "You know that old saying: "You get what you pay for?" Well, HelioHost is changing that around. Our feature set beats out most professional web hosts, yet we come without a price tag. PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails... all for free. Don't forget the dedicated support team bundled with an involved and supportive community to help you out with your webmaster needs."

Positive Review
By: Giorgos Papadam at

"Heliohost is the only free host i have found that provides so many features. And they are always up to date with the PHP versions. Sadly they have a lot of downtime. But its a free service and its expected. Its frustrating though because you get all these features that you otherwise would have to pay to other host but cant use them since the server is down. I used them for a university project and it was a exactly what i was needing. Not recommended for someone that needs to create site beside personal use."

Positive Review
By: anonymous at

"Heliohost is a good host. I would recommend it for people who want a personal site, or someone experimenting. The owner is Ashoat Tevosyan, a college student with a degree in computer something, or earning it. The forums are helpful. This is not a business, its a service he's providing with help from his friends."

Positive Review
By: KDH at

"Heliohost is a great hosting company. They offer many, many free perks that most companies wold charge for. I have never had any major issues with this hosting company. Any and all tech support is thru their forums, and I usually have an answer within the day, If Not sooner. Kudos on such a great hosting company!"

Negative Review
By: Kim-Lan at

"Helio host is down at least 2 times a day. I get a lot of internal server errors and it's slow. The features are nice but if I can't rely on beeing able to use them because their server is down again they are worthless. If they have to much costumers and can't handle the bandwith they shouldn't allow new users to sign up."

Negative Review
By: BA Summit at

"Down time is a weekly if not daily occurrence. This is a real problem. I have clients that need access to the information that I provide. You can't beat the price (I am a free account user)! However, that may translate into a higher cost if I am forced to move to a more reliable host. My experience with their free service instills in me concern about any pay service that they might provide. In three years (their approximate time in service) I would have thought that they may have considered a mirror server (or servers) in a different location to accommodate server failure."

Negative Review
By: Haja at

"Server is not up most of the time. But this is good when you are learning something. But not the one if you already know what you want to do. I will not even recommend this for hosting few static personal site too. We don't know when the site is up and running and when it will be down"