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WebFaction strives to make your hosting experience as fast and stable as possible. They are able to do so because; unlike most hosting services they don’t pile clients on to servers and bog them down. Instead they put fewer people on a server than most hosts which results in great stability and speed. Coupled with their servers’ great speed and more »

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WebFaction's IPs are owned by: SOFTLAYER.COM

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From a small blog to a complex web application our hosting platform lets you run any type of website you like.

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WebFaction Reviews

Positive Review
By: Julien Desrosiers at

"Webfaction has a method of breaking things down by domains, applications, and websites. Once you understand how it works, you will fall in love with the simplicity of the system!" Cannot agree more. This kind of thing is rare on other webhosts that try to be user-friendly.i love Webfaction. It's so easy to host anything that is cool like Django or RoR. I hope that more webhosts will become like WebFaction."

Positive Review
By: Security Equipment at

"I am a happy client of Webfaction, and that is just true. I feel like I know these guys personally when I send them an email. They alway answer fast, and they don’t just give you an out of the book answer. Their tools are great and professional"

Positive Review
By: Jaymie at

"I have to feedback here. After a few days of working with their tech support, I've now successfully moved my websites to the new server and the web sites are *flying* along, like they should've done in the first place.WebFaction always got back to my support tickets within an hour or two, which is great given that I only rated them 'medium' urgency. I'm impressed and I'll stick with WebFaction now. The only server applications were still running dog-slow though - a shame for anyone on that machine.\"

Negative Review
By: Jaymie at

"I have three Drupal sites with WebFaction and, whilst it's easy-to-use, they are friendly and reasonably quick in getting back to you, I'm currently having problems. The server I'm on keeps getting heavily loaded and this results in "500 Internal Server" error frequently.WebFaction have investigated each time but not come up with any real cause. The latest finding was that it might be their backup process which runs every 12 hours, loading the hard disk (not the CPU). I would've thought a backup process would be at least-intrusive on the server as possible, but there we are. In any case, I now have to move my data across to the new server. If that doesn't resolve the issue, I'm afraid I'll have to look for another webhost. :o("

Negative Review
By: Oliver Nielsen at

"They also started out great for me, a couple months back. But the last week or so has been like Media Temple Grid: Extreme latency, averaging up towards 10 seconds! I guess they overfill the servers, or allow some clowns to drag down the server performance. I’ve been in touch with their support, and while fast enough replies, the answers has been less than satisfying, and sometimes contradicting. Yes, several employees answered the same ticket, as if their ticketing system and internal communication was a mess.I SO hate switching hosts, so I hope they fix this in the next few days."

Negative Review
By: at

"Webfaction has good support. Yet, I've had MORE problems with them than ANY other host. From the site going down for 10 minutes to a few hours (just today, 15 minutes down), to EXTREMELY long page load times (20 - 30 seconds), to proxy errors, etc. it's been harrowing. And always, its the same excuse -- somebody else misusing resources on the server. I'm currently looking for a new host. Here's the last 4 excuses from them: "there was a small spike in the load on the server for about 15 minutes, directly around when you were having the problem. The load has decreased and your server is functioning normally." "Sorry for the trouble here! It looks like some heavy MySQL usage is causing high load on your server. We'll find the culprit and put a stop to it ASAP." "A MySQL query had locked, causing subsequent requests to queue up, which was causing your timeouts. I killed this query and now the server is back to normal :)" "It appears another user was using excessive resources on your server. We have resolved the issue for you now, and will keep an eye on it.""