Why develop with Ruby on Rails?

Posted 05/11/2011 in Rails vs Other Frameworks.

If you've ever been frustrated by spending more time on the syntax of a particular language than on developing the actual content of your web application, then you should look into Rails. Actually, its better than that. Rails allows you to write less code and get more done in less time. Period.

Many think that Rails is a new "buzz" just because of its integrated AJAX functions and object-oriented database handling. But after developing one Rails app you'll realize that this little framework does much more — it forces a developer to write neater code, segment work-flow, and focus on the implementation of new ideas to get the job done better and faster.

We can talk all day, but see for yourself. Not only is this site (RailsHosting.org) a tiny example of a Rails app, but you can also check out a huge number of other sites using Rails.

You can also observe some neat demos we're working on here, as well as the demos on Thomas Fuch's site.